About us

Our company is engaged in the development and introduction of artificial intelligence in the banking sector for more than 10 years. Banking AI is a team of professionals with many years of experience in the financial sector. Our IT specialists are trained annually in various countries of the world, receiving the most pressing information on the trends in the development of artificial intelligence, have a large luggage of knowledge in the field of using advanced machine learning algorithms. Financial analysts and managers analyze daily changes occurring in the banking sector in the global market, thanks to which one of the first to introduce the necessary innovations to the current work. Our task is to increase efficiency and improve the safety of banks, as well as minimize the losses and costs, both financial and temporary, at the bank-client interaction level.

To date, we have allocated 4 main directions in which we are conducting development:

- Mobile banking
The main task is to be uninterrupted, no matter what point in the world is the client, to have a service in 24/7. With it, employees are exempt from part of the routine work and have the opportunity to engage more important tasks.

- Customer Support Service
The priority direction today is chat bots that handle and automate applications of clients, thereby reducing the load and increasing the efficiency of employees of most units.

- IVRS. Interactive voice response systems.
This system is engaged in the routing of calls to the required subdivisions of the Bank, the responsible employee.

- Cyber security
The main and most important direction of our company. Artificial intelligence, applying certain algorithms, is able to identify signs of fraud, to authenticate the user, which is directly related to the efficiency of customer service.

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